Xaos (Chaos) (Greece/UK)

Xaos is a group based around two people:

Ahetas, a Greek microtonal electronic music composer, keyboard player and painter, born in Australia, growing up in Greece, appearing with various avant-garde and free bands in Athens. These days he spends his time equally between living in London and Athens, painting and composing. He has featured as writer, musician and remixer with S.40, Apeiron, Project Dark, Dub Colossus, Temple of Sound, Syriana and Lucinda Sieger.

Dubulah was born in Germany to a Greek mother and English father and grew up in London listening to Greek music and western music in equal measure. As a performer, producer and writer he has worked with Dub Colossus, Syriana, Transglobal Underground, Natacha Atlas, Samuel Yirga, Awale, and many others. After a career working with artists from around the world, it seemed a natural move to go back to his origins.

"One amazing piece of work … both completely and authentically rooted but also pretty visionary ... It's a massive, culturally rich, epic swirl of a record, almost entirely moody, downbeat and grounded, that continues to reveal more sprites and monsters lurking in its depths on every play" - Froots, Ian Anderson

"Xaos is Greek for chaos, yet its an ominous calm that holds sway on tracks that progress with tectonic slowness while exquisitely played folk instruments such as nay flutes, lyras and bagpipes call to each other across ominous washes of encroaching electronic" - The Independent on Sunday, Howard Male

"...at once a lament for and an assertion of and a celebration of Greek culture. Twin possible endings are proposed." - Financial Times, David Honigmann

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