The Bristol Stingrays are a first generation UK New Wave band formed in 1977 in Bristol in the UK.

Since going out to Japan to tour in 2010 after finding that there Countdown EP had been re-released by the Japanese 1977 Records They have undertaken 6 tours of Japan. To celebrate their 40th anniversary they will be undertaking a world tour starting in Japan in April 2017, followed by dates in UK and across Europe and ending in Canada and the USA.

Formed in 1977 The Stingrays appeared on the legendary Avon Calling and followed that up with The Countdown EP on the equally legendary Fried Egg label which was re-released on the Japanese 1977 label in 2002. After going through a number of line up changes a compilation of previously unreleased recordings Back Across the Rubicon was released in 2009. Their most recent release is the three track EP The Girl in the Greengrocer's. Following tours to Japan in 2010, 2011, 2012 2014and 2015, they are now based in Kyoto, Japan. Their 2016 tour of Japan starts on April 1st. Early photographs of The Stingrays have just been published in a new book Bristol Boys Make More Noise A book recounting the story of the Japan Tours entitled 8!7!6! Five Tours of Japan with The Stingrays will be published in March 2016. A new album provisionally entitled Pace and Attack will be released in autumn 2016. The Stingrays first tour of North America will take place in 2017

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The Bristol Stingrays