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Literally out of nowhere, the pianist/singer-songwriter Sarah Jackson-Holman hit the international music scene. With her songs and her voice featuring in international americna TV series and knock out live performances the future was anything but slow in musical terms.

Nothing could prepare the 20 -year-old pianist and song-writing student at the University Whitworth from Bend, Oregon, prepare her for which flight path would take her life. Almost catapulted out of student life, into the recording of her first CD on the hearing of their debut single "Into the Blue" (from her debut album "When You Dream") to the emotional finale of the second season of the ABC hit show Castle, which all happened within a few months. Compared at times with Lana Del Rey and Adele though to be accurate whilst the comparisons are in some ways true... here you have a unique talent and wuite breathtaking.

She normally tours as duo or band and thus both are available through us here at Fizzion

In the recent past, her songs have featured heavily in Grey's Anatomy, Bones, and numerous other American TV series

Email me: , or call +44(0) 7791 699889 to book.
Sarah Jackson-Holman