With its members coming from different corners of the Czech Republic and disparate musical backgrounds, Please The Trees is a band of many contrasts. Their sound summons the spirits of everything from Popol Vuh styley expressionism thru wall-of-sound atmospherics of the likes as Mogwai to experimental folk epics that reverberated in the turn of the 60s to the 70s by artists like Ron Elliot, Neil Young or Jack Nitzsche.

Please The Trees have created a sound that blows away anything you might have thought might come out of the Prague music scene, its hard driving and amzingly versatile

They've toured the US tour in New York City, Philadelphia, DC, Chicago, Minneapolis and at Austin's South By Southwest festival.

On top of all that there are other wildly great projects the band is involved with including their unique lo fi rock sound with a Female choir of a certain age named Elpida.. simply brilliant

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Please The Trees