Roberta Carrieri from Italy, Ian met some years ago when she was vocalist with sadly passed band Fiamma Fumani and now from film soundtracks to personal concerts solo/duo or with full band she's an absolute powerhouse!

Clown, stilt-walker and performance-artist, dressed as a fetishistic Barbie wrapped in cellophane, with Monstrance in her hand and a chewing gum in her mouth. Out there on the provocative edge, perfectly still for hours, asleep in a red suitcase like a porcelain doll, she loves to transform herself, but above all she loves to sing and write songs.

Roberta Carrieri comes from a strong theatrical background and it is this visual experience that she translates into songs where words which are more evocative than narratives paint a very personal and at times ironic landscape.

She has an unmistakable voice; personal yet powerful, compelling with touches of irony, she moves easily from heady swirling vocalism to simple memorable, yet sophisticated melody. Live, her theatrical side, subtly hinted at and never overplayed, lends a peculiar twist to her show. Often playing alone, one voice and a guitar, her simplicity both charms and disarms the audience.

She sings her songs, like pages from her diary, as if she was telling a secret, sometimes out loud, sometimes in whispers. There are also imaginary stories in which she transforms herself into the characters of the song.

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Roberta Carrieri