Ian from Frusion saw this superb 3 piece at Larmer Tree festival in the UK and was immediately struck by their excellent music and the way the audience responded immediately to this innovative electronica dance outfit... excellent new music driven ryhthms and simply wonderful hard dance music.. time to book ask now.

"...imagine my surprise when i discovered i wasnt the only music head to come out of southampton. Subgiant are a live act to check - electronic beats and bloops at their finest..." Rob Da Bank, BBC Radio 1

"...gut-melting bass ..." Steal Life

"...quality dub passages and thunderous beats burst from ambient soundscapes..." Vanity Project

"...Well, they're good, that's what. The production on the CD is faultless and if the same sound is delivered live then the crowd jolly well should go wild. Ambient dub with sub-bass to test your speakers, driven by breakbeats and catchy melodies..." Simon Marks BBC

"...It'll make you want to start dancing again! I can't wait to hear more..." SouthScene

Email me: , or call +44(0) 7791 699889 to book.