LowDown Brass Band (USA)

Here at Frusion, Fizzion and oyeah agencies we LOVE great music with a great vibe and man is this all of that. We represent this great band throughout the UK and Europe so get ready for a blast of fun, musicianship and pure joy (I'm not exaggerating) This great Brass based band have weathered many a stage across the states and well beyond and now we bring them to a wider audience... check the videos, check the sounds and absorb the vibe .. AWESOME is a much abused term but hey check for yourselves to see if I'm exaggerating (I don't think so! Ian).

Truly a uniquely strong representation of Chicago Music culture. This talented all horn band leans heavily on dancehall and street beat rhythm, with the energy of conscious hip hop, jazz, reggae, and soul. 

"Not exactly Slipknot, but not exactly John Philip Sousa either. What it is, exactly, is AWESOME!" – Chicago Sun Times

"With a blistering array of horns, funktacious drums and a powerful sousaphone, the Chicago-based brass set has also perfected a gritty and dynamic sound through the genres of hip-hop, soul, ska and rock. The fusion of MC Billa Camp's poetic rhymes and adaptive storytelling, one of the band's leading vocalists, has helped catapulted LDB's national movement with cruising vocals, ferocious depth and provocative flows that helped audiences to capture the LDB experience." The Fox and King

Email me: , or call +44(0) 7791 699889 to book.
LowDown Brass Band