My Name Is Ann (Czech Republic)

takes you on a journey where EDM, storytelling, and highly crafted songwriting converge into a unique experience beyond the music borders; where pop music, personal stories and new media culture are a springboard for untamed experimentalism. A hedonistic guerilla girl wielding wild synths, buzzing bass, a vibrating Nintendo unit, and a saxophone strapped around her neck, MY NAME IS ANN is a wild kind of electronic music.

Lenka Morávková aka MY NAME IS ANN is a Czech musician, producer, sound artist, and performer. Combining the technical skills of an electronic producer with the sensibilities of an accomplished musician and vocalist, Lenka explores the uncharted realm where conceptual art becomes pumping club music, and club music becomes a meaningful, intimate experience. Armed on stage with her software, voice and live instruments (saxophone, Nintendo, pianos, synthesizers), M/N/I/A// glides seamlessly between the electronic bass scene and experimental pop, with a sound that is accessible yet visionary.

My Name Is Ann has toured widely across the Czech Republic, Europe, the Balkans, and the U.S. West Coast. She has performed at such prestigious festivals as Colors of Ostrava and Enter (Czech Republic), Audiovisual Brasil and Cau d'Orrella (Barcelona), and Femfest (Ljubjana). Currently she is hitting the stages of LA, where she recently performed at The Electric Lodge, and The Broad Museum. She will also be performing upcoming dates in Europe with William Close and his Earth Harp Collective.

My Name Is Ann! and The Shelter Tour is a mind-shattering experience that will change the way you think and feel about electronic dance music and performance.

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My Name Is Ann