The Max Boogaloos (Austria)

The Max. BOOGALOOs celebrate what their name promises - the absolute maximum of Boogaloo! (Boogaloo: music/dance style/lifestyle that boomed, especially in the late 1960s, and acted as a musical link between hard-bop/salsa and the emerging soul/funk of James Brown.)

Based on the collective desire to make even the smallest club dance, this quintet formed around Christian "Boogaloo" Roitinger (trumpeter, MC and founder of the Hot Pants Road Club), in the soul/funk business for over 25 years, Markus "Max the Sax" Ecklmayr on the saxophone, whose pulse never seems to drop below 200 BPM, and his highly energetic type of saxophone playing even notorious concert muffle animated to dance. The classic hard-bop/soul-jazz line-up is completed by Frank Schwinn, who thanks to his uncompromising groove-oriented, blues and jazz-soaked guitar playing simultaneously leads the radio "Back to the Roots" as well as "Into the Future". Markus Marageter acts as organist and bassist with the combination of the style-defining sound of a Hammond organ and Leslie speaker it's cooking! Manfred Huber pays homage to the quintessence of the funk more than ever with his highly physical and unmistakable style of drumming: "Funk is, what you do not play!"

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The Max Boogaloos