aNNika (Austria)

aNNika is available in several "flavours" - solo/duo/trio/5-piece band setup 

After many years of live performance across Europe and into the UK, five years after her debut album "Smells Like Home", aNNika released her second studio album "LUV" in March 2020 (Kleio Records). Similar to a short story volume, the Viennese singer/songwriter tells of her experiences in episodes, in a charming band-in-a-room setup. In some parts, the voice of aNNika, aka Annika Prey, is reminiscent of legendary icons like Dolores O'Riordan or maybe Alanis Morissette whilst dwelling in calmer waters occasionally resembles Mira Lu Kovacs (5K HD, Schmieds Puls). Maybe even echoes of Dory Previn and others ...

aNNika's second album "LUV" containing her long thought brewed thoughts and distilled choice of ten songs making a listening experience more than the sum of its parts, a singers crystal clear voice over playful band arrangements in a sound as though you are sitting in a intimate living room.

For LUV, aNNika (vocals, guitar, ukulele) teamed up with producer Thomas Böck, working together on the sound of her band, consisting of Joana Karácsonyi (cello, backing vocals), Lukas Popp (double bass, backing vocals) and Sebastian Simsa (drums, backing vocals). The band-in-a-room vibe of the production is the guiding thread of the album and perfectly underlines the hesitant-charm, and clear unique voice of aNNika.

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