Ode to Lucius (Austria)
12 Photos, 12 Tracks project

'Ode To Lucius' is a trio of professional multi-instrumentalists who have years of experience touring with bands worldwide including Marcella Puppini, The Irrespressibles, Patrick Wolf, The King Blues & Florence Welch to name a few. They have a combined experience of music production for Red Bull, working in theatre including seasons at Shakespeare's Globe on the Southbank, international tours with drumming group DrumChasers and Disney.

Their alternative dream-pop sound encompasses zither, clarinet, violin, synths, bass, guitar, drums, voices and live looping.

"It's fantastic to see this ambitious and timely project come to life! The tracks are as special and personal as the polaroids and stories from all around the world. The music is an insightful reflection on the backstories and brings you places. A wonderful personal evening I can highly recommend!" - Petra Freimund - Programme Manager, ACF London

"Amazing music and fantastic experience! A totally unique gig. A must if you can get tickets to future gigs!" - George Arton – Producer, Analogue Films

What is 12 Photos 12 Tracks?

12 Photos 12 Tracks is a multi-media concert accompanied by a photography exhibition.

In 2017, musician and producer Stergin sent a Polaroid camera on a journey to 12 people in 12 different countries spanning all the continents. Each participant had a single chance to take a photo of a place important to them. The camera traveled 61800km – the same distance as running the London Marathon 1466 times!

Sponsorship from Polaroid and support from Red Bull enabled the camera to embark on its adventure around the Earth, completing its mission nearly two years later. After all 12 photos were returned,  Stergin, together with newly formed band Ode to Lucius created 12 compositions inspired by the photos. It is these 12 pieces of music that are performed live by Ode To Lucius in the concert alongside the photos themselves.

With funding from Arts Council England, Help Musicians UK and The Austrian Cultural Forum Ode to Lucius worked with videographer Artemis Evlogimenou to create create projections that are used throughout the performance, culminating in a multi-media live experience of the album.

"Each photo is deeply personal and multi-faceted. Our music delves into the context of each photograph to construct a reflective narrative."

Expect 12 Photos 12 Tracks live concert to be a refreshingly modern way to see your new favourite band 'Ode To Lucius'. It will stir your emotions through human connection and a wider appreciation of beauty in people: we are citizens of the world. This is a powerful commentary on the instant gratification culture in today's society and a political stance of unity.

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Ode to Lucius