Booking multiple territories (ask!) A truly wicked trio, full of superb music, vocals full of vibe, and SWING swing SWING… utterly mega in the best way possible, from Austria, Marina & The Kats just speed the night along .. cool for all audiences .. just don’t miss them!

Hot grooves, enchanting melodies, wild guitars, brushes beating away at those drum heads - and the enticing voice of Marina who is about to do one of her fabulous scats with sublime ease. That's when fingers start to snip, eyes light up and people whirl over the floor.

Apart from some nearly forgotten classics their set mainly consists of originals that magically pick up the vibe of those old times, interspersed with some cover tunes But don’t worry, whatever song they play, they’re gonna play their hearts out!

With Marina & The Kats one will take a ride through a nostalgic world, painted in glamorous Technicolor and accompanied by a heavenly swinging soundtrack. Sometimes the journey feels like gliding softly as on a Ferris wheel, sometimes it takes your breath away like the hellish speed of a roller coaster.

Email me: , or call +44(0) 7791 699889 to book.
Marina & The Kats