Hailing from Salzburg, Coshiva is a big star in Austria and justifiably so with her amazing voice and songwriting talent. Moving seamlessly between jazzy classics and soulful pop, she's a rising star and has been likened to Norah Jones amongst other big female stars. Currently working on the release of her third album we are delighted to offer Coshiva to the UK market.

Releasing the single "Butterfly" from her eponymous, second album. It became her break through chart topping radio hit. With the second single, "Presence Of Vienna", winning the Young Talent and Austrian Newcomer Award 2009, and songs like "Big Balloon" or "Soak Up The Fun" invite you to embrace life. Other tracks such as "Best Friends" or "Sunday Afternoon" are intelligent pop, all in all great music powerfully produced and with heart .. above all really catchy, you'll be humming away before you know what you're doing.

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