Elettrotape (AT/IT)

Trentino, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Vienna.
Mixing three Italian regions and the capital of Austria, adding unusual instrumentation and a multi-faceted, distinctive voice - dressing in flashy 80s outfits results in Elettrotape.
The international band (originally founded in 2021 in the turmoil of the pandemic) has delved into their sound and the new songs that have emerged from it over the last two years. The consequence of this was the reformation of their line-up: drum machines, more synthesizers and a modified Chapman Stick (made famous by King Crimson and Peter Gabriel), used as a synth bass.

"Somewhere in the expanse between electropop and synth rock; between 80s vibes, a modern wall-of-sound approach and a bit of glitter", these four musicians feel at home and find each other within.

All coming from different musical directions, they create electronic pop landscapes with and as Elettrotape, brought to life both in the studio and on stage, explosive and, rousing!

Annika Prey-vocals, guitar
Daniele Volcan-synth, drum pads
Giacomo Barchetta -chapman stick, backing vocals
Valentino Monti-drum machines, synth

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