Nani (Noam Vazana)

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Noam "Nani" Vazana is an acclaimed international singer, composer, pianist and trombonist. Nani brings a breath of fresh air into the jazz and world landscape. Her hypnotising vocals, often compared to Mercedes Sosa and Nina Simone, and her timeless compositions, connect the ancient Ladino culture to our modern lives today, creating a unique blend of Middle Eastern music, North African beats ∧ Nani's own composed Ethnic-Jazz songs.

The cultural backgrounds of her fellow musicians – on guitar and percussion - range, like the Ladino language itself, from all around the globe: Chile, Israel and The Canary Islands. Nani's recent album, Andalusian Brew, was released in April 2018 (Xango Music) and was followed by a world tour of 60 concerts.

Vazana was officially selected for a WOMEX panel (2018), won the Sephardic Music Award (2017), ranked as an iTunes Top-20 bestseller (2015), and won the ACUM album prize.

"Her voice alone is mesmerising – pure and simple, powerful and precise, and imbued with the traditions and the emotional journey of the migrant people who first took their culture across the globe, following the Jewish expulsion from Spain in the 15th century. With her trio, the sound world of fiery Spanish guitar and vibrant percussion is infused with the rhythm of the market place, the melodies of joy and heartbreak, and the stories of a people who left behind their homeland." - Manchester Jazz Festival

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Noam Vazana