A really great and very unusual combination of roots and really cool adventures in music, immediately accessible and enrapturing ..

Fókatelep formed in 2007, comprising various members of Hungary's two most prolific psychedelic bands, Korai Öröm and Colorstar, and the extremely talented vocalist and songwriter Annamária Oláh.

Their first album (self-titled, NarRator Records 2009) introduces us to the world of primarily Hungarian but also Bulgarian, French and Indian folk style songs with an full on rock vibe. The track 'Leave' was chosen for a CD compilation introducing the best of Hungarian world music in Songlines' March 2010 issue.

Fokadelic, released in April 2011, brings them ever closer to realising their very own sound - world beat founded in rock, fusing the tradition of Hungarian "csujogató" singing style with Bulgarian folk, gypsy tango with chansons, Latin with Afro rhythms. This creative spirit reflects in the lyrics, oscillating between Hungarian, Spanish and Bulgarian.

Having toured in throughout Europe Frusion is delighted to represent this ultra cool band.

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