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Booking exclusively world-wide we have this utterly unique performance, it's a combination of superb music and film, combining a film on general release with the live music provided not only by the film's director Timo Novotny but also two members of well established top band the Sofa Surfers who provided the soundtrack to the movie on general release. It's played already many film festivals in IFF Karlovy Vary, IDFA Amsterdam, CPH:DOX Denmark to name but three with more to come!

The show comes in many versions from a one hour blast to much more .. ask and we tailor to your event/venue
This impressive cinematic essay takes us on a journey through the subway systems of several megacities around the world, it has a vibe similar to One Giant Leap and Koyaanisqatsi but with a very different edge, its of now and in a sense timeless.
And now we're booking this live across the planet, we can work from a one hour experience all the way though to a full evening of up to 6 hours with two more live acts and DJ sets plus the movie with the musicians providing the live soundtrack ...

For the majority of people, the subway merely represents a reliable means of transportation that quickly and safely transports them to their destination.
Timo Novotny's audiovisual essay, however, reveals that the underground railway is much more. It is quite literally the seedbed of a wide variety of human stories (New York), a center of diverse musical production (Los Angeles), a favored locale of suicide and sexual deviance (Tokyo), a glitzy tourist attraction (Moscow), or an ideal place for study or relaxation. Set to the excellent, uninterrupted soundtrack by Sofa Surfers (rightfully dubbed the Austrian Massive Attack), the filmmakers accompany us through the underground railways of several world metropolises, discovering what makes them unique. Sometimes visually reminiscent of a classy music video, this whimsical movie stands out for its original visual treatment and effective interplay of music and image.

Markus Kienzl is the man responsible for bass and programming in the Surfers camp. On his solo works he delivers smoked-out dark, crisp beats and mutated funk gems straight of Electro-Dub-Film-Noir-Jazz.

Wolfgang Frisch, also responsible for programming and production in the Sofa Surfers universe, recently finished his second album "Watering the Land", a melt down of singer song writer and electronic music will join with guitar and bass.

Timo Novotny, the visual mastermind of the Sofa Surfers, will scratch cinematic images as a DJ his Vinyls.

Markus Kienzl, Wolfgang Frisch & Timo Novotny will take you through New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Vienna, Tokyo & Hongkong, unleashing the imagination at every destination with its distinctive palette of visuals and selection of sounds from Sofa Surfers.

The world-premiere of Trains of Thoughts LIVE was the 28th of August at the Opening of the AUSTRIAN PAVILION at the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of the La Biennale di Venezia 2012.

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Trains of Thoughts LIVE