Quite simply superb and an almighty sound from just two people, taking the role of modern jugglers, the guitarist Daniel Salontay and the bass-guitarist Shina depart their home on the hill Longital in Bratislava, SK, to cruise around Europe, spreading the notion of the ?New Slavic Wave?. The combination of a versatile guitarist who has developed a breathtaking bow technique and a female lyrical poet, who might seem fragile, yet she does manage to steer Slovakia's most valued indie label, Slnko Records.

The specific Longital world is a place where the means of classic music styles meet the electronics-assisted search for new ways. This is a world that is able to draw the listeners in with a force that prevents the return into boring reality. Their music has been triumphant in attracting scores of passionate listeners through their records .

Invited to SXSW twice this duo really has to be heard to be believed and in case you were wondering that is a positive!

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