Citizen Fame (Canada)

Exciting and musicians that really deliver boldly and with a splash of something familiar but never fully bound by the genre, Citizen Fame delivers a bold and electrifying performance Born Canadian and home to Toronto, Citizen Fame brings a rebellious edge to the energetic tempos of the alternative scene. Emerging from Toronto's thriving musical landscape, the band is comprised of vocalist and guitarist, Karman Ray, with Sasha Siegel rounding out the rhythm on drums. Citizen Fame is slated to release their debut album ‘Digital Utopia' in March 2020.

Inspired by an eclectic and far-reaching mix of alternative rock bands, fans have likened the group to the early works of Muse. Like its namesake, Citizen Fame's songwriting sharply reflects on many current social issues, highlighting the distorted lens by which we view modern success, celebrity and identity, all approached with a spiritual and existential sensibility.. in fact truly captivating and superb as a musical experience with a new album coming in 2020 brilliant! .. ask for availability

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Citizen Fame