Marta Duarte d'Almeida (Portugal)

A very special one-woman tornado of musical and creative energy and musicality, yes really! Marta, now based in Austria is really quite remarkable. As a multi-instrumentalist and working on her current show "the Boat" we're able to offer her in the UK or Rep. of Ireland too. I could try and explain, but hey check out her videos and we promise you'll be more than a little impressed .. a few reviews to give you a flavor.

"A one-woman show. The self-titled musicista has brought us jazz that she could play, her Alentejo roots that she could sing, stories that she could tell (...) she has an expression that entices (...)." - Lázaro Raposo, Medeia de Rock and Açoriano Oriental, 2019

"The guitar being its floor, the voice its rudder, the piano its orbit and the exploration of other instruments its flames. Each note it makes sounds inviting to the world of stories, told, to tell and to sing." - Almada's Cultural Agenda, 2019

"Her sense of mission, as an artist, is revealed in every sound, in every lyric, in every song, putting herself at the service of music. Music is much bigger than us!" - Joaninha Duarte, Concert, 2020

"In a world where everybody wants to BE someone, Marta's mission is to DO something!"  Julia Wagner, Concert, 2019

"The hope with which she brings her message to the world... (...) Marta truly swings her machete and blazes trails in the jungle." – Raquel Botelho Rodrigues, Três Tochas – III Festa MaZéi, 2018

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Marta Duarte d'Almeida