Alice Goes To Motherland (Russia)

Awesome, simply awesome this great new band from Russia and we're happy to represent in multiple territories. Its music that looks good. Long-legged frontwoman, androgynous bassist, brutal Siberian guitarist and a bearded but sweet drummer. You'll be surprised that this band is from Russia. Are you ready for such a powerful combo? Since the release of the first album in September 2018 AGTM have performed many times in Moscow, done a tour in 9 big Russian towns, made it to Nashe TV and a few local and on-line radio stations and been mentioned a few times by top Russian rock bloggers receiving positive feedback. Now AGTM are looking for opportunities to bring their music and stunning looks to European stages and Fizzion is here to help them do just that.

The music of Alice Goes To Motherland is not simple it's full of hidden meanings, secret doors, tricky symbols and little clues, heavy guitar riffs and pop beats, gentle vocals and aggressive rapping, complicated ideas and childish simplicity, rage and tenderness, it is the land where Alice suddenly turns back home but finds herself in the middle of nowhere looking for herself among so many faces.

What are you looking for? Some groovy melodies, deep thoughts, nice picture or just fun of any sort? Or maybe you prefer darkness? Here you find it all and a lot more.

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Alice Goes To Motherland