ELETTROTAPE (Italy/Austria)

(in the studio as a trio, live on stage as 4-piece)

Italian/Austrian synth-rock band ELETTROTAPE, founded 2020 by Italian session musicians Daniele Volcan (drums, synth) and Giacomo Barchetta (bass, chapman stick, backing vocals), was born out of a shared desire to unleash their own, long stored artistic vision.

Digging deeper into their unique new sound, they reached out to expand their new-born project internationally. The final member, Annika Prey (lead vocals, guitar), from Austria, joined in the same year and completed the trio.

Floating through different sounds of the past decades from the last century and diving further into sounds and beats of the new millennium, their songs bring to mind echoes of bands like M83 and FM Belfast.

ELETTROTAPE escapes familiar norms and predictable patterns never blocking the chance to jump back in on them when inspiration takes them there. Getting inside the band's lyrics feels like entering a carousel spinning through time and space, never knowing where you will arrive and get off next.

The trio's communication is rooted in the power of sound, its character in strong with often distorted timbres. A sound comprehensively covering the group's intent: to observe reality face on without any possibility of avoiding or hiding from it. Themes vary, difficulties in bidding farewell to something to almost complete resignation of being controlled by an electrical world to the contemplation of natural laws. From personal to universal in using a full spectrum of themes!

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